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10mM Citrate buffer

600 µl Tween 20 60 ml 0.1M Citrate stock 539.4 ml SH20

Bring to pH 6.0

0.1 M Citrate buffer stock

21 g citric acid in 1 L distilled water 29.4 g sodium citrate in 1 L distilled water

Mix 82 mL of the citric acid solution with 18 mL of the sodium citrate solution. Make the total volume of the mixture up to just under 1 L with distilled water. Leave enough volume to allow for addition of NaOH in the next step. Use 1M sodium hydroxide (NaOH) to adjust the pH of the mixture to 6.0, while gently stirring the solution using a magnetic stirrer. Make the final volume of the solution up to 1 L with distilled water using a volumetric flask.

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