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Agarose Gel Preparation

  1. Weigh 4g Agarose gel powder (2% gel) into a flask that will be used to make the gel solution
  2. Add 200 mL of TAE+EtBr solution into the flask
  3. Microwave the gel mix until all agarose powder has dissolved (approx. 3 min)
  4. Prepare the gel tray by taping the top/bottom ends
  5. Cool the solution a little by gentle swirls
  6. Pour the gel into the tray and set the comb
  7. Leave gel to set at RT


  • When heating the gel mix solution in the microwave, give a swirl often to check how much longer you need to heat the solution to avoid over heating
  • Avoid having any bubbles in the gel mix solution โ€“ otherwise you will get bubbles in the gel!
  • There are 22 loading wells (you can load 20 samples/gel, 2 wells for DNA ladder)
  • Always load a DNA ladder at each end of the gel


Tris-acetate EDTA (TAE) with Ethidium bromide (EtBr) (5 L)
50x TAE stock 100 mL
dH2O (green tap) 4900 mL
EtBr 16 drops (in the door of Fridge #6A)
50x TAE stock (1 L)
Tris acetate 242 g
Glacial acetic acid 57.1 mL
EDTA (0.5 M; pH 8.0) 100 mL
dH2O (yellow bottle) make up to 1 L
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