Butter100 g
Sugar3 dl
Flour1.5 dl
Cocoa4 Msk (60 ml)
Vanilla sugar1 tsk (5 ml)
Salt½ tsk (2.5 ml)
Dark chocolate50 g
Desiccated coconutTo line cake-form
Nougat100 g
  1. Set Oven to 175°C
  2. Grease cake-form, line with desiccated coconut flakes
  3. Melt butter
  4. Mix sugar and eggs
  5. Mix in flour, cocoa, vanilla sugar and salt
  6. Add the melted butter, mix well
  7. Crush the dark chocolate and add to the mix
  8. Pour into the cake-form, bake for ca: 20 minutes
  9. Remove cake, add approx 1mm thick layer of nougat
  10. Allow to cool